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White Label Website Builder

Start your own Website Builder Company with your own brand name in just $300/Year

Reduce Product Cost

Imagine, you hire a web development company for the development of a new website builder from scratch to end, how much money you will have to pay them, surely thousands of dollars. Even then, you will not be sure if it is worth your money or not, and will it run smoothly without having any coding bugs or not. With our White Label Website Builder, you will remain free of such tensions.

Reduce Waiting Time

Time is money. If you decide to create a website builder from scratch to end, it will take months to complete as there is too much technicality involved in this process and also consumes too much time. Would you like to remain in continuous wait for the months until the site builder gets ready? Of course not. Our White Label let you free from such worries. Plus website building with a kind of drag and drop or specifically through stripes is a real fun.

Company Scaling

Reduction in product cost and waiting time will be a great potential and influence to your business. It's time to start immediately and roll out your business to the world. Our White Label model is suitable for every business from startups to big companies and web designers. Scale up your business, expand it and make yourself a big name in the website builder industry.

100% Your Own Brand

Start your website builder company with your own brand identity. From logo to full website design, everything represents you.

Unlimited Customers

No limit how many customers sign up to your website builder. Spread your business without limits.

Unlimited Websites

Sky's the limit for the number of websites belonging to you or your customers. Build landing page or big websites as many as you want. Just focus on spreading your business.

Unlimited Hosting Storage

Nobody will stop you for how many web pages you create and how much content you upload on every page.

Unlimited Bandwidth

No more worries for bandwidth limitations. Stay with a peace of mind that you have got it unlimited.

Admin Control Panel

From managing and suspending the users to accessing and editing their websites, everything is fully in your control.

Custom Pricing

Set your own pricing plans and get paid directly to your account without sharing even a single penny with us.

White Label Editor Manual

Your customers may ask for supporting documents on how to edit the website. We will provide them to you in fully white label format.

Customers Management

A complete tool for customer management. Customer's username, email address, joining date, last login, referral history, sites, connected domains, last edited date, last saved date, last published date, number of pages on site, number of stripes and many other data, all in one place. You may suspend or un-suspend your customers through suspend a user option. Facility of deleting, editing or changing customer's domain is also available in the tool.

My Sites

In addition to customer information, my sites dashboard is also available to manage all your personal sites. Additionally, you can create a website in my sites dashboard and can link that website to your customer's account, we mean build websites for your clients. This feature will facilitate you to earn more revenue by developing websites for your customers and assign them by charging development costs from your customers, which means double revenue, one for offering site builder, other for developing their websites.

Label Config and Billing 

Full control on changing or updating your white label design, simply by entering your business name, your domain, uploading your logo, uploading a background picture, everything is so simple and can be set up just with easy few clicks, no technical knowledge is required for updating the overall look. Built in billing tool is available within white label that will help you to set up how you would like to charge your customers, either with PayPal, or credit  & debit cards, or both.

Lifetime Support & Free Upgrades

One of the most important features is that your white label website builder will remain updated all the time with the latest version. We release a new version of the site builder when any update is rolled out. Upon any upgraded version, you will have to do nothing, our engineers will upgrade all your customers' websites, your white label account on our back-end, while assuring you that your site builder will not have any down time and everything will run smoothly as usual.

What is the price of White Label Website Builder?


No fixed contract length, cancel anytime. We accept PayPal, and all major Debit & Credit Cards.

What features my Website Builder will have?

Your website builder will have the same features as our website builder. Means the same functionality as WebTwisty Website Builder.

Where will my Website Builder be hosted?

We will host your website builder and all white label websites under you in extremely powerful, highly secured servers with 99.9% up-time. Never miss any visitor.

Are you worried about the technical aspects of 1st time setup? 

Don't worry, we will set up everything for you in fully running condition totally free of cost.




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Webtwisty is a free and easiest site builder, curated carefully with advanced technology allowing even non-technical people to create professional websites.

Webtwisty White Label is the best and cost-effective solution for those who want to start their own website builder company under their own branding. Contact us for more details.

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