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Billing and Refund Policy

What is your Refund Policy?

Our Refund policy is as seen below: 1) Monthly Premium Plan: Full Refund if you request cancellation within 7 days. 2) Yearly Premium Plan: Full Refund if you request cancellation within 14 days. 3) White Label Website Builder / Website Builder Company: No Refund - Because of extensive hard work is involved which is started immediately right after the order. If you'd like to get a refund, please contact our support team on this link https://www.webtwisty.com/contact-us with these details: 1) Your username 2) URL / Website Link of your website 3) The reference # found in the invoice you got from us. If you have multiple premium plans with us, please make sure you send us the right reference #. Your refund request will be initiated within 48 hours.

Getting Started


WebTwisty Editor makes web building easier with the use of a simple hierarchy.
Each website you’ll build has 4 levels: - At the very base there are Elements; - A number of elements create an Item; - Several Items together create a Stripe; - And several stripes combined build a Page; - The pages of course, is what your Website consists of. Every level has its own menu and settings. Take this stripe for example: If you click any of the elements on the stripe, you will see several menu items that you can hover over to reveal a submenu. Each submenu allows you to control one of the levels - element, item and the section (stripe) as a whole. You can also make different stylistic changes to the site as a whole through the website style menu. To reach it, hover over the settings button at the top of the editor page, and click site settings:

Click & Edit, Mix & Match

With WebTwisty Editor, you no longer need to stick to the tiresome drag & drop method. In fact, every template you choose has inbuilt features and functionalities. Your website’s pages are built out of stripes which include elements and items. All you have to do is mix & match the types of stripes and elements you want and then simply click & edit to suit them to your needs. You can add as many stripes as you wish to your page, and add different elements within them to create a unique design. You never have to start from scratch, since templates are always ready for you to redesign with the fonts, colors, videos and images of your choice.

Adding a Stripe

Each page in your site is assembled by stripes. You can add as many different stripes as you wish to fit the functionality and the design of your choice. To add a new stripe to a page: 1. Select the best location for your new stripe between the existing ones and click the blue plus (+) button which appears as you hover: 2. Now, you’ll see a variety of sections to choose from. These are sorted into galleries according to their function.
From the left menu, select the type of stripe you’re looking for: 3. As you click on the section of your choice, on the right you’ll see different design templates. Use the arrow buttons to browse through them until you find the one you like. 4. After selecting a template, click the Add Section button – the green plus (+) to add the stripe to your page. 5. All done! Time to edit your new stripe.

Managing Stripes

On our left-click menu, the bottom row controls the Stripe settings: * Pressing the "Section Settings" load the Stripe settings panel. There are different types of menus for different type of stripes. As a rule, the menu lets you to change the background, edit the layout, add effects, and play with the general appearance of the stripe. It also lets you add new items, such as slides and text sections. Click the Manage button to easily remove, duplicate and change the order of the items on the stripe. Simply hover above items to see the available options, then click DONE to save any changes. * Pressing the up and down arrows will reorder accordingly the location of the stripe on the site. * Pressing the + sign will open the Add A New Stripe interface. * Pressing the Squares sign will copy the stripe. To Paste it at the location of your choice: Click on the + sign and choose Paste (bottom option): * Pressing the Red X sign will remove the stripe.

Adding a Page

To add a page: 1. Hover above Home in the left corner of the Top Toolbar and click the Add a New Page. 2. You’ll see a gallery with different page templates.
Here you can copy an existing page, add blank pages or select one from the available designs. 3. Click the page design of your choice and name it. 4. Select Add Page. 5. Next, you’ll be asked if you wish to add it to your site’s main menu. Choose the option you prefer. 6. Welcome to your new page: let the editing begin!

Managing Pages and Menus

You can navigate between pages and manage them from the Top Toolbar. On the left of the toolbar you’ll see a dropdown menu with the name of the page you’re currently editing.
To navigate to a different page, simply select it from the menu. There you will also find options for renaming or duplicating the page you’re working on. Click the Manage Pages button to change the order of your pages, clone or delete them completely.
Hover above the thumbnail of a page and you’ll see a small toolbar with the available options. Keep in mind, however, changes you make in this section won’t affect your website’s menu.
To do this, select Manage Menu from the Top Toolbar. Here you can choose the design of your site’s menu, delete or arrange the order of its sections, and add links. For more customization options for a specific page, select Page Settings in the Settings section on the top toolbar.

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